Mobile Trading

Daman Securities launched its latest high tech Smart phones – APP to allow users to place orders and track markets movements plus viewing the user statements, with high security level and ease to use.

The mobile trading app is Daman’s latest customer-centric initiative designed to provide investors with ‘peace-of-mind’ safety every time they use it for their transactions while being mindful of their convenience no matter where they are, at home, the office, out and about or on transit.

The mobile app offers Daman customers a raft of fresh features allowing for enhanced functionality and 24/7 productivity.

The app enables customers to place buy and sell orders in real-time, identify current trends and trend reversals to trigger buy and sell signals and review, compare and track the markets’ changes over time.

Furthermore, Daman customers can use the new app’s special feature to measure the depth of market for a better indication of the liquidity and depth for a specific stock. The app also allows users to view details of their personal account information including buying power, facility, margin, and portfolio statements.


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For more information about how to use the APP and viewing the manual please click here